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The beginnings of the company go back to 1971 when “HERBERT HARTGE KG”  was founded in the German district town of Merzig to sell and repair BMW automobiles.

In 1974, the company moved to its current location in Beckingen. The HARTGE premises cover some 16,000 square metres, of which around 5,000 are built on.

A 2,000 square metre warehouse ensures an optimum supply of HARTGE parts for the market.

At HARTGE, the long tuning tradition focuses on powerful engines. The range is unparalleled: from 2.1 litres for the 3 series, 5.0 litres for the 3 series (E36), 3 series (E46) as well as for the Compact, Z3 and X5. For the 7 and 8 series there is a 5.0 litres. The styling of HARTGE aerodynamic parts and aluminium wheels is consciously restrained and the emphasis on engineering and function.

The production of HARTGE parts is carried out either in the form of small, exclusive series or industrial manufacturing by leading components suppliers.



Herbert Hartge has been involved with cars since his youth. From 1969 to 1983,

he was a successful racing driver at home and abroad, firstly in Formula V racing cars and then in touring cars, primarily BMWs, VWs and Fords.

Hence, the HARTGE company profits from the motor-racing experience of the founder, as well as that of his entire staff. Then as now, the focus of the company's activities is on increasing the performance of BMW cars.



Today, HARTGE products are well-known throughout the world, especially the HARTGE wheel with its characteristic 11-spoke design, which has developed into a corporate trade mark.

The HARTGE product range represents one of the biggest assortments for almost all BMW models. In Germany and abroad, HARTGE products are sold either via dealers or direct.




For the development of high-performance engines, HARTGE has installed its own fully automatic engine test bench of the kind usually only operated by major automobile manufacturers.

This means that HARTGE can carry out all long-distance and endurance tests necessary in the development phase of an engine.
HARTGE has been approved by the German Motor Vehicle Authority (KBA) as an automobile manufacturer since 1985.


HERBERT HARTGE GmbH & Co. KG · An der B 51 · D-66701 Beckingen · Germany
Tel. 00 49-6835/506-11 · Fax 00 49-6835/506-17 · Internet
Approved as an automobile manufacturer by the KBA (German Government Motor Vehicle Authority).

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